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How To Make Chai Tea Homestyle

How To Make Chai Tea Homestyle

Posted by Team Vedic Teas on 19th May 2020

This video is an introduction to making your perfect cup of chai tea by Vedic Teas.
At Vedic Teas, we have formulated Spicy Chai our traditional masala chai and many other chai's to which the same method of preparation can be applied.

For the chai lovers, this Spicy Chai is a daily ritual and get away from the hectic day. Provide balance to the start of your day by having this spicy, full-bodied and flavourful cup of chai. Blended with spices perfectly blended with Assam black tea.

Our Sections Of Chai Tea's Include:

Assam Tiger Chai
Chocolate Chilli Chai
Green Tea Chai
Malabar Coast Chai
Maté chai
Pumpkin Spice Chai
Red Bush Chai
Spicy Chai
Vanilla Spice Chai
Walnut Chai