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As Vedic Teas, we take great pride in the fact that we import only leaves that are 100 percent pure and that have been carefully handpicked for their remarkable flavour and distinctive tea profile. Our staff of experienced tea tasters carefully chooses each lot throughout each growing season. This is a skill that has been perfected over the course of the past two decades through unrelenting dedication and expertise.

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Herb garden

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Embark on a sensory journey through our Herb Garden tea, a blend carefully curated to offer a harmonious blend of nature's finest botanicals. This exquisite infusion brings together the delicate essence of strawberry leaves, the soothing aroma of lavender flowers, the gentle embrace of chamomile, and calming lemon balm. The result is a tea that encapsulates the tranquility of a serene herb garden, offering a refreshing taste and a surprisingly sweet finish.
The strawberry leaves lend a subtle and natural sweetness to the blend, creating a gentle foundation for the other botanicals to shine. Lavender flowers infuse the tea with their enchanting aroma, invoking a sense of relaxation and serenity. Combined with the calming qualities of chamomile, this blend is perfect for those seeking a moment of tranquility amidst the bustle of daily life.
With every sip of Herb Garden tea, you'll find yourself transported to a realm of pure botanical bliss. The interplay of flavors and fragrances is a testament to the artistry of tea blending, ensuring that each element harmoniously contributes to a well-rounded and invigorating tea experience. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or simply seeking a moment of peaceful indulgence, our Herb Garden blend offers a refreshing and soothing escape that captures the essence of a blooming garden in every cup.

Strawberry leaves, lemon balm, chamomile, orange blossoms, rose petals, heather blossoms and lavender flowers.


Caffeine levels

Steeping Guidelines
Water Temperature: 212 °F  or 100 °C
Steeping time: 3 minutes
Suggested serving size: 1 teaspoon/250ml or 8oz