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As Vedic Teas, we take great pride in the fact that we import only leaves that are 100 percent pure and that have been carefully handpicked for their remarkable flavour and distinctive tea profile. Our staff of experienced tea tasters carefully chooses each lot throughout each growing season. This is a skill that has been perfected over the course of the past two decades through unrelenting dedication and expertise.

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CVH 105
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In order to aid and support your digestive system, try drinking some licorice tea. The natural benefits of licorice root, anise seed, caraway seed, and fennel seed are combined in this excellent loose leaf tea. The Licorice Tea here is the ultimate Tummy Helper, with its powerful flavour profile and calming components.

The sweet scent of licorice enters the room as soon as the package is opened, making you feel all cozy and safe inside. A visually appealing tea with earthy tones and mild traces of sweetness is produced by infusing licorice root, anise seed, caraway seed, and fennel seed. You'll taste the special combination of flavours that's good for your digestion with every drink. The licorice root adds a unique sweetness and a calming effect to the mixture. Caraway seed and fennel seed offer a subtle warmth and depth, while anise seed provides a flavour similar to that of licorice.

For centuries, people have turned to Licorice Tea, often called Tummy Helper Tea, to soothe upset stomachs and support good digestion. The synergistic effect of the carefully selected substances provides comfort and support for the digestive system. You can drink this tea hot or cold, depending on the weather and your own inclination. Have a cup after eating to help your body break down the food you just had, or any time you feel like your stomach might use some extra reassurance.

Locorice root, anise seed, caraway seed and fennel seed.


Caffeine levels

Steeping Guidelines
Water Temperature: 212 °F  or 100 °C
Steeping time: 
3 minutes
Suggested serving size: 
1 teaspoon/250ml or 8oz