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As Vedic Teas, we take great pride in the fact that we import only leaves that are 100 percent pure and that have been carefully handpicked for their remarkable flavour and distinctive tea profile. Our staff of experienced tea tasters carefully chooses each lot throughout each growing season. This is a skill that has been perfected over the course of the past two decades through unrelenting dedication and expertise.

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Earl Grey Special

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The classic sophistication of our Earl Grey Special Tea, which is made by combining the highest quality black tea with a symphony of orange peel, lemongrass, cornflower blooms, jasmine flowers, and a drop of bergamot oil. This superb blend produces a robust flavour profile that expertly captures the essence of traditional Earl Grey with a flowery twist.

The black tea used in this blend was specifically picked for its powerful and full-bodied qualities. The satisfying depth and complexity that black tea connoisseurs appreciate in every sip acts as a platform for the flavours to flourish on. The orange peel infusion brightens the tea with its zesty scent and flavour, making for a very refreshing cup. The addition of lemongrass, with its distinctive lemony scent and flavour, brightens and refreshes the combination as a whole.

The blend's visual appeal is boosted by the addition of cornflower blossoms and jasmine flowers, both of which add a delicate touch and brilliant colour. Earl Grey tea's trademark citrusy and flowery flavours come from bergamot oil, a natural ingredient. It elevates the aroma of the tea and gives it the signature flavour of Earl Grey teas. Each and every cup of Earl Grey Special Tea should be savoured for what it is. This mix is ideal for sophisticated and indulgent evenings, whether served hot with a slice of lemon or iced for a refreshing touch. Let the rich, flowery notes of Earl Grey whisk you away to a place of classic sophistication.

Black tea, orange peel, lemongrass, cornflower blossoms, jasmine flowers, natural oil of bergamot, natural and artificial flavours.
Origin: Blended by Vedic Teas


Caffeine levels

Steeping Guidelines
Water Temperature: 212 °F  or 100 °C
Steeping time: 3 minutes
Suggested serving size: 1 teaspoon/250ml or 8oz