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As Vedic Teas, we take great pride in the fact that we import only leaves that are 100 percent pure and that have been carefully handpicked for their remarkable flavour and distinctive tea profile. Our staff of experienced tea tasters carefully chooses each lot throughout each growing season. This is a skill that has been perfected over the course of the past two decades through unrelenting dedication and expertise.

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Maté chai

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Alluring Maté leaves meet the richness of cinnamon, the warmth of cardamom, the zing of ginger pieces, the aroma of an anise star, the kick of peppercorns, and the entrancing essence of cloves in our Mate Chai Tea, a remarkable blend that showcases the invigorating Maté leaves. Each sip of this wonderful tea is a symphony of flavours that will awaken your senses with their harmony of naturally sweet notes and a delicious spicy blend.

Maté, known for its invigorating and energetic effects, serves as the foundation of this combination. It's the backbone of the tea, delivering a rich flavour that pairs well with the fragrant spices. Including cinnamon pieces enhances the dish's sweetness and coziness, recalling the enticing tastes of a cosy spice. The spirit of relaxation and luxury is in every sip.

Cardamom gives the tea a unique and alluring warmth, improving the flavour and adding dimension to the blend. The ginger chunks offer a refreshing zing and a pleasant spicy note that works well with the other flavours. The tea is taken to a new level of aromatic and exotic appeal thanks to the addition of anise star.

Maté, cinnamon pieces, cardamom, ginger pieces, anise star, peppercorns and cloves.


Caffeine levels


Steeping Guidelines
Water Temperature: 212 °F  or 100 °C
Steeping time: 5 minutes
Suggested serving size: 1- 2 teaspoon/250ml or 8oz

1. Take a pot bring fresh cold water to a boil.
2. For each cup of Chai, add 1-2 heaping teaspoons of Chai leaves to   the boiled water. Bring the water back to a boil and add milk, keeping the ratio of milk to water the same.
3. Boil the water, milk and chai for 3 minutes. If not strong enough, let it steep for an additional 2-3 minutes. -Add sweetener to create an exquisite taste experience that is delightfully unique to chai.
4. Strain and Serve.